config management camp

1 and 2 February 2016

Gent, Belgium


Our Schedule is live now full schedule for details, please keep watching for updates

As you can see we have slightly changed the format of the conference, in order to create more cross tooling collaboration the morning slots in the breakout rooms are now focused on Containers, Orchestration and Future tooling, and we have added a full size Testing Track. The afternoon slots are focusing on specific tools again. Like last year we are happy to host the Puppet, Ansible, Chef, Juju, Foreman, Salt and CfEngine+Rudder communities

Also new are the Ignite talks, just like at Devopsdays we will be opening the floor for a number of Ignites on monday morning, if you are up to giving a talk with 20 autoadvancing slides mail us your idea at

Next to the traditional Puppet Contributors summit on Wednesday , Config Management Camp 2016 now also host a Foreman Construction day and a Juju Charmer Summit, look at our Fringe page


Config Management is the event for people interested in Open Source Configuration management to meet each other. will be the event where different communities will meet and exchange ideas both internally and within the broader community.

Community members are users and/or contributors. The broader community can and will be anyone else who is interested in participating in this event, such as industry consultants/integrators, analysts, commentators, bloggers, journalists and so on.

Taking place right after FOSDEM, Belgium you can do 2 Open Source events in 1 trip, so more value for your money. Taking place in Gent you can visit 2 Belgian cities, rather than one, and fall in love with Gent will have different rooms for each community, hackspaces, trainings, workshops and a general track with keynotes all about Configuration Management topics.

Don't forget our Social Event on monday evening , and have a look at our Food page if you are looking for food.

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We are fully sold out yet , that means there are more people registered than we have seats and food catered for,

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The Scale Factory

We are looking for sponsors of all sizes. ConfigManagementCamp is looking for a large number of sponsors for all kinds of different things. The more sponsors we get the more we can give to our attendees, and since we hope to keep the event free, your contributions both big and small are welcome.

More specifically we are looking for named sponsors for Breakfast, Lunch, Breaks, Social Event, Speakers Dinner, and much more. Email to sponsor.

A sponsor document is available for download. This document contains information if you are considering to support ConfigManagementCamp


ConfigManagementCamp will take place at the SchoonMeersen Campus of the University College Gent. This campus is conveniently located at walking distance from the central train station in Gent and 2 minutes from the E40 Highway from Gent to Brussels. Note that there are several university campus locations in Gent, so please make sure that you are going to the one just south of the Gent-Sint-Pieters railway station. If you type the location into Google, it will most likely take you to the incorrect campus, but if you type "BIB SchoonMeersen", you should end up in the right place.

From city center, take Line 1 toward Flanders Expo, get off at HogeSchool stop, the stop after Sint Pieterstation. It costs 3 euro in coins for a ticket. Trams come every 5-15 minutes at peak times.

Valentin Vaerwyckweg 1 9000 Gent +32 9 243 87 87

Important Deadlines

  • 15/11/2015 : Call for Presentations Ends
  • 1/2/2016 : ConfigManagementCamp Starts

Call for Contributions/Presentations

The CFP is now closed,

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