config management camp

November 15

Berlin, Germany


Opening Keynote : Dawn Foster: Config Management Community: Awesome, Awful or Apathetic?

This is a talk about the Configuration Management community. I could have just made stuff up, but that sounded boring, so I created a survey and stole your ideas, instead! You can view the entire presentation on Slideshare.

About Dawn:

Dawn Foster is a PhD student at the University of Greenwich and a consultant at The Scale Factory in London. She spent the past 20 years working at companies like Puppet Labs, Intel, Jive Software, and more. She has expertise in community building, open source software, metrics, and more. She is passionate about bringing people together through a combination of online communities and real-world events along with analyzing the data associated with participation in developer and open source communities.

Spencer Krum : Code Review for Operations

Code review has been shown to help developers produce better code. It can also help operations teams run more reliable systems. Our ops team is fanatic about using code review and representing our infrastructure as code so that code review can be leveraged. In this presentation I will show how we use code review to manage our infrastructure, modify and create systems, administer services, etc. I'll discuss why we use code review for our operations work, and where we get value from it. I'll show the path we took to get here, what actions couldn't be piped through code review, and what we're going to next. I'll also dive into the human behaviors that I've seen emerge out of organizations that do this.

About Spencer

Spencer (nibalizer) Krum ( has been sysoping Linux since 2010. He works for IBM contributing upstream to OpenStack and Puppet. Spencer is a core contributor to the OpenStack Infrastructure Project. Spencer coordinates the local DevOps user group in Portland and volunteers for an ops-training program at Portland State University called the Braindump. Spencer is a published author and frequent speaker at technical conferences. Spencer is a maintainer for the voxpupuli effort(, which attempts to bring together a network of Puppet developers, modules, and infrastructure. Spencer lives and works in Portland, Oregon where he enjoys tennis, cheeseburgers and StarCraft II.

Nacho Barrientos : Configuration Management at CERN

The CERN IT department provides Puppet-powered configuration management services to LHC experiments and to the department itself for more than 22,000 physical and virtual machines in two data centres. This presentation will give an overview of the current deployment (figures and CERN specials), how we monitor the service and the challenges ahead.

About Nacho:

Ncho Barrientos is a computer engineer who's currently working for CERN IT's Configuration Management team. Along with his colleagues, he's been driving the deployment of several components (Puppet masters, Foreman, PuppetDB...) in the CERN ecosystem and tweaking them so they can cope with the scalability and availability requirements of the various services provided by the department.

Nathen Harvey : Beyond Infrastructure Automation

We focus on our app code as the origin of business value. Anyone that's ever run apps in prod knows that no value is possible without the entire stack. DevOps has taught us to think about our app stacks holistically. It's time we shift our thinking to an app-centric view of the world. This talk will be an introduction to Habitat, the open source projects that let's use build, deploy, and manage applications. The automation is part of and moves with the automation.

Slides from the talk are available on Speaker Deck.

About Nathen:

Nathen Harvey, VP of Community Development at Chef, helps the community whip up an awesome ecosystem built around the Chef platform. Nathen also spends much of his time helping people learn about the practices, processes, and technologies that support DevOps, continuous delivery, and high velocity organizations. Prior to joining Chef, Nathen spent a number of years managing operations and infrastructure for a diverse range of web applications. Nathen is a co-host of the Food Fight Show, a podcast about Chef and DevOps. ",

James Shubin : Next Generation Config Management

A presentation about a next gen config management tool, and the specific problems this project solves. Three of the main design features of the tool include:

  • Parallel execution
  • Event driven mechanism
  • Distributed architecture
This talk will demo a prototype I've built that implements these ideas and which is written in golang. I will start by presenting an introduction to the tool. I will then demo the new features that were added since the project was introduced. This will include the automatic grouping, automatic elastic etcd clustering and remote execution features. I will finally share some of the future planned designs for the tool.

About James:

James is a DevOps/Config mgmt. hacker and physiologist from Montreal, Canada. He often goes by @purpleidea on the internet, and writes ""The Technical Blog of James"". He currently works for Red Hat doing research and prototyping within systems engineering. He started a Next Generation Config Management prototype called mgmt. He studied Physiology at university and sometimes likes to talk about cardiology.

The slides are now available.

Dirk Götz : Foreman - More than just a Puppet dashboard

This talk will give an overview on Foreman's Puppet Integration and the state of the integration of other Config management solutions (Ansible, Salt, Chef). It will introduce the Provision capabilities of Foreman and its addons like the Discovery Plugin for Metal as a Service. Furthermore some Plugins will be shown which extend Foreman's feature set like Orchestration using the Remote Execution Plugin.

About Dirk

Dirk Götz is working as Senior Consultant and Trainer for NETWAYS. As part of his daily work he writes concepts, implements, reviews and teaches Puppet and Foreman in many different environments. He created a training course based on Open Source Puppet for his employer and the official Foreman Training as corporate project of NETWAYS and the Foreman Project

Eric Sorenson : "Open Source, Open Communities: Maintainership and Contribution in 2016

Slides are available at:

Large open-source projects are changing the way they operate to reflect changes in maintainership and contribution patterns. Improvements in GitHub, test frameworks, and communication tools like chatops have made parts of OSS easier... and others way harder. In this talk, I'll walk through the evolution of our contribution and community processes on Puppet and its related projects over the last several years, to examine our successes -- and a few notable failures. I'll close with some ideas and suggestions, both to help maintainers improve the quality and quantity of their contributions, and to help both new and seasoned contributors have a great experience working on open-source projects.

About Eric:

Eric Sorenson has been working in systems administration since 28.8k modems were exotic luxuries. After running campus networks, large scale production internet services, and sysadmin teams, he moved to Portland in 2012 to work at Puppet as technical product manager for Puppet's core technology platform. When he's not grooming backlogs or referring to himself in the third person, he's out exploring Oregon's trails by foot and bicycle.

Ricardo Carrillo Cruz : Ansible-based CI with Zuul

The OpenStack Infra team runs one of the world's largest and craziest CI infrastructures. In service of our community, we have recently replaced our fleet of Jenkins masters that were connected to Zuul v2 via a Gearman system with Zuul v3 and Ansible. In the process, we also added a bunch of other fun features like support for static bare metal, container orchestration engines and per-repo job config. If replacing Jenkins with Ansible sounds crazy to you, that's cool - come anyway and we'll see if we can't convince you it was a good idea. If replacing Jenkins with Ansible sounds awesome, you're right - it is! We can talk about all the super cool things we can do... and how you can do them too.

About Ricardo

Ricardo works at HPE as a full-time OpenStack upstream engineer. He is a core member of the OpenStack Infrastructure team, responsible for the infrastructure systems that are used daily by the OpenStack project. He is also a maintainer of the Ansible OpenStack modules. Previously he worked as an infrastructure engineer on the HPE Helion CI platform, where he designed, maintained and operated the systems used by all the HPE Helion engineers. He lives at Marbella (Spain), with his lovely wife Luisa, his beloved son Mario and his supercute dogs Duque and Nemo.


Felix Frank: mgmt and puppet - better together

One of the latest entries in the field of config management tools is mgmt (also known as mgmtconfig). It is in the alpha stage, and while most of its innovative features are available already, it still lacks its own programming language.

As a stop-gap, it is now possible to control the tool through Puppet manifests. This presentation shows how this works, highlighting the specific differences between the concepts of Puppet vs. mgmt.","Felix is a long-time core user of Puppet, has contributed a number of fixes and features, and wrote a beginner's title about the tool. Recently, he concentrated on the enhancements that allow Puppet to work closely with mgmt, as well as actual Go code for the new project itself.

about Felix:

A resident of Berlin, Felix spends much of his time hacking, but also likes cooking, eating, and cycling.
Felix is a systems architect for The unbelievable Machine Company.


Marco Ceppi : CTA: Share your operations

This is a call to arms. We need to stop thinking that the chef recipe or puppet script, playbook, etc makes your special. Your operations aren't special if you're the only one who can use this. My talk is to press further on the idea that we need to start sharing with each other how to best setup kibana, hadoop, kubernetes, elastic search - and do this in a way that's truly resuable. In a way everyone benefits, including you.

About Marco

Marco Ceppi is a DevOps engineer with a passion for OpenSource, automation, and smarter not harder. When not mashing a keyboard he enjoys restoring cars, sailing, and

Tim Meusel: Vox Pupuli - The Community behind puppet

Vox Pupuli is a group of more than 70 puppet module/tooling/documentation authors, all working together to ensure a continuing development process. We recently elected our first Project Management Committee with one of its goals being to include Vox Pupuli as an official project under the Software Conservancy. We do not only provide a home for every orphaned puppet module, but also proper tooling and automation for every interested developer. Some of the most frequently used puppet modules (zabbix, collectd, archive, extlib) are managed by us. Have a look at our funny journey of hunting broken gems and changing upstream software! We invite everybody to participate. The slides are available here

About Tim:

Tim (bastelfreak) Meusel works as a Systems Engineer at the Host Europe Group in Cologne, Germany where he develops and maintains a big public cloud platform. Tim is pushing and implementing open source solutions at work. He founded the VirtAPI-Stack and besides that he is active as a Vox Pupuli Maintainer and Archlinux community manager. Tim has been doing Sysops stuff since 2009 and playing with Puppet since 2012. Recently he was elected to serve on the Vox Pupuli Project Management Committee. He enjoys good BBQ and ice hockey.

Cyrill von Wattenwyl: Hands-free Foreman configuration

In this session we are going to present our tool, foreman-yml, which allows a complete hands-free and reproducible configuration of foreman via simple YAML files. It also supports dumping the whole configuration of a remote foreman-instance into a YAML-File

About Cyrill:

Cyrill loves to build fancy hardware and his super power is "automation". He works as a developer/engineer/sysadmin/tinkerer for the open source service provider with the funny name Adfinis SyGroup (Switzerland). During his day to day job Cyrill and the team around him operate large set of Linux servers where provisioning and configuration management are important topics.

George Miranda: The next phase of DevOps

We've learned a great deal from DevOps and configuration management. But if we look around the technology industry, we can see that a great change is about to occur. Yet IT is lagging behind the curve. Automation is moving into a new phase of ubiquitous adoption. If we look at how everyone else approaches automation, it's not by simply repeating the same methods humans use in an automatic way. As an IT industry, we need to re-examine our approach to automation in order fit into this new world. In this ignite, we get a fast-paced dive into some of the questions and approaches we'll all be grappling with a lot sooner than we probably realize.

About George:

George Miranda is Director of Product Marketing and a Technical Evangelist with Chef Software. He's made a career working in Web Operations for over 15 years at a variety of small dotcoms and large enterprises by obsessively automating every process he can. He is recovering from production ops PTSD and still twitches when dashboards turn red. He now spends his days figuring out ways to help others avoid the same fate by confronting the challenges we all face. He enjoys his time living in the American Pacific Northwest, small batch artisanal whiskey, and writing conference biographies no one reads.